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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  December 9, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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state. below freezing for the most part but as we zoom out to the south and east to bear our 40s and even 50-degree temperatures in the south. some of that milder air will work its way into maryland in the next couple days. none of that this evening. down to the 20s we go as clouds increase. again, the wind will be -- we'll talk about your outlook for the weekend coming in a few. >> thanks a lot. the temperatures have dropped this week, but tempers have become red hot at a school in southeast baltimore. as we report, students and teachers at the friendship academy have balanced their regular studies with a crash course in survival techniques. >> in sub freezing temperatures, students seek shelter from the cold at friendship academy, but they know their search may be in vain. >> it's cold in there. it's 90 degrees out there, in
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there it is like 15 degrees. we wear our coats. >> it's cold. you can't even sit down. >> it appears that the public charter school where students and thank in technology can earn up to 60 college credits or even an associates degree. expert in the heating and air business has failed to get to the bottom of the problem with the school's heating system. >> they've had people working on it for the past couple days,-- >> stepping outside of the warmth of the administrative headquarters on north avenue, the school system's chief operating officer assured us students would find similar snug conditions at the school today. >> they do have heat. in fact, in the hallways the temperature this morning was 80 degrees, so the classrooms the temperatures in all but three range from 73 to 85. so there is heat in the school, guess. >> he said workers have labored on the clock for the past two days to
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restore heat to the 84-year-old building, which should provide some relief for students. >> heat, we need heat. >> allowing them to focus more on reading, writing, and arithmetic rather than cold. >> it's called, it's called. cold. >> jeff hager, abc news. >> teachers and students have been rotating from classroom to classroom trying to avoid the coldest rooms. in the hottest months, the students have to weather extreme heat that do not have air conditioning. >> i hazmat situation forced the evacuation of a high school today. seven students and a faculty member at northeast senior high became sick by an unknown chemical this morning. i hazmat team was called -- called to the scene. three students were treated at the scene. no word tonight on what caused that older. >> 21-year-old antonio martinez remained in federal custody tonight accused of plotting to blow up a military
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recruitment center. today area muslims say his actions should not reflect on what muslim americans truly believe. >> martinez goes by the name of mohammed hussein was a research -- recent convert. he had been plotting this for months. over time on his facebook posts, he expressed growing frustration and a call to fight back mostly against the u.s. military for killing muslims. martinez is an example of a frustrated young man who didn't understand what it was like, what it is to be both a muslim and american. he says the true message of islam is piece. the true message of this company is unity. there are better ways to this rescuer dissent. >> it does not mean that you do not have dissent. dissent is the highest form of -- our job as youth leaders is to show our muslim american youth how to
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express when you disagree. there is no reason to lash out on innocent human beings. no matter where they are in this world, you must understand how to express your disagreement with a rational discourse. that rational discourse is indicted in the u.s. fabric of this nation. >> he says he speaks to many different groups about islam and what it really stands for. he says that is the first step to understanding and creating a dialogue. more on this story coming up at 6:00. before news. >> thank you. well, tonight forces closest to the family of the bomber is saying his death is imminent and everyday it is expected to be his last. suffering from prostate cancer, his health has quickly deteriorated and his family says he is in a coma on life support for about a week. he has survived far beyond the three months expected after his release on
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compassionate grounds from a prison in scotland. >> tonight a new report from the department of education finds that virginia tech was in violation of federal law and its handling of those mass shootings in 2007. the university failed in its legal obligation to issue timely warnings to the campus after two students were shot in a dormitory. more than two hours later 23- year-old student went on the shooting rampage that killed 30 other students and faculty before taking his own life. the university could face the penalties including steep fines and suspension of federal aid. >> tonight investigators are looking for a pennsylvania couple accused of a gruesome crime. 49-year-old herbert white was murdered and dismembered in a hotel near downtown la's skid row. i'm a discovered a backpack covered with nashville with his body parts. police later found more body parts wrapped in a blanket under the bed along with a nice. the prime suspect are edward
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garcia and melissa hope of new york. police say they rented the room. >> just help us find a person who did this to my beautiful son. that's all i have to say. >> the couple have criminal records. mainly for robbery. investigators also look into a similar crime that happened in pennsylvania, but in that case no one was killed. >> supporters of wikileaks founder julian assange say they are fighting a war for freedom on the internet. credit card companies have cut ties with wikileaks and bring its ability to make money. the online attacks temporarily disable their servers and shutdown website. abc karen travers has the latest. >> anonymous hackers are
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pledging to continue their cyber war about operation payback as a show of support for wikileaks founder julian assange. in the crosshairs, companies that have cut ties with wikileaks because of the theory over its publishing of classified is -- diplomatic documents. >> this is a way to strike back into say, hey, you cannot push us around. >> the hackers have gone after, paypal, and credit card giants like visa and mastercard that recently bought doctorate -- block customers from donating money to wikileaks. also all editions like sarah palin speaking out strongly. she told abc news in an email yesterday that a group affiliated with operation payback tampered with her credit cards and the website of her political action committee. no wonder others are keeping silent. this is what happens when you exercise the first amendment and speak against his neck, on american espionage efforts. >> we are being targeted by people who see themselves as activists and who want to make a case for that they
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stand for freedom of information. >> he remained a british british prison fighting extradition to face charges for sexual molestation. but wikileaks continues to methodically release the documents. >> the company that processes donations to wikileaks says it plans to sue for it -- sufis and mastercard and said it is ridiculous to think that the company has done anything criminal. karen travers, abc news, washington. >> present family gathered to say a final goodbye to elizabeth edwards this weekend and will be joined by the controversial westborough baptist church. members say they plan to protest edwards funeral. the church is known for showing up at funerals of u.s. soldiers claiming that there is punishment for homosexuality in america. the members protested outside the funeral. when corporal matthew snyder back in
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2006. edwards died tuesday after a long battle with breast cancer. some sad news report tonight. the queen of soul has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. sources say aretha franklin finds out she has the disease when she went to the hospital for some broken ribs last summer. she has canceled all its ranges through may 2011 but she has not commented on the specifics regarding the reason or the surgery. monday she met with civil rights leader jesse jackson. he says the property that remains in high spirits. the battle over tax cuts continues tonight. the president is pushing congress to get it done. coming up, find out why a number of house democrats are not onboard with the tax cut compromise. and then all that 5:30, food banks in our area really helping people in need, especially around the holidays. now we are pitching in after a recent
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test. plus, small exposure to secondhand smoke could lead to heart problems. will look at the tobacco study in tonight's health alert. it online. check out you. one rior operations due to the
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>> the white house says it has tried to convince democrats to pass the president's compromise tax cut bill, but a surprising many of them are unhappy saying they think mr. obama has done too much and they got too little in return. here's abc's john hinman. >> is a rare spectacle. democrats delivering a striking review to a democrat president. >> ataxia between the white house and the senate is not acceptable. >> in a closed-door meeting, they voted to reject the tax cut at granite president obama negotiated with republicans. it was nearly unanimous that
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members said the president gave to fast. >> it's only going to get worse for the president if he allows himself to be pushed around. >> beckons hours after joe biden urged fellow democrats to accept a deal. >> we were told yesterday by the vice president this was a take it or leave it deal. we are saying leavitt. >> many might have been able to live with a two-year extension but to the line at a surprise cut -- surprise cut in inheritance taxes. >> they added the estate tax, which is a bit too far for me. >> now the white house says it could be changed after all, but -- >> if everybody took out what they didn't like, we would have nothing. and we know the consequences of doing nothing. >> senate majority leader harry reid is already tinkering. >> there's some things i think would make the bill much better. i'm going to work on those. >> white house officials warned
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that failing to pass the plan could sink the economy and making majors could change a carefully negotiated agreement to unravel. abc news, washington. >> london is dealing with similar economic problems. students are protesting the government's plan to triple college tuition. that means students will have to face $14,000 a year for their education. part of the government's massive $127 billion in spending cuts across the board. they are not happy about it. protesters clash with police, even some were caught in the commotion. apparently their car was attacked by protesters but they were not hurt. you are also going to need to pay more money for some other everyday things. they released their list of the 20 things that will be more expensive in 2011. here are some of them. the price of cars will go up after years of not being able to move cars off the lot, the cost of breakfast because grains are high. that means you need more bacon
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to pay for things. and if you are a coffee drinker, expect to pay more for that. cocoa futures are already up 40%. don't expect to see dollar menus at the fast food chains. mcdonald has already started to phase out the bargain prices. fifth, expect sports tickets to go up as of tonight. if you'd like to see the entire list of 20 things that will be more expensive next year, log onto our website and click on the spotlight section on the right side of the page. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar in the forecast certified most accurate by whether rate. >> the weather didn't have that edge to it. >> no wind. >> it's amazing when not plus mid-30s seems pleasant. tomorrow is warmer. forty or so. we should make mid-40s saturday, kelly. we are on the right trend.
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and it's going to come down again. we will interview he -- we will enjoy the briefly mild weather. a cold night, but at least kind of a still night. light winds out of the west at 7 miles per hour. temperature is 30 degrees. barometer is 30.34 on the rise. take a look at our camera downtown today. it's a pretty looking day. lots of sunshine, a few clouds and then we clear out toward sunset this evening. a nice-looking sunset out there. ocean city, a beautiful day down beachside. it's a little too cold to be out there. glen oak, a gorgeous looking day. again, there still was that chill in the air. no doubt about that. powerful radar and a clean sweep as it has been for the last several days. no flurry at and, although we expect things to get a little more active toward sunday. temperatures falling. our current winds have really
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diminished. again, that's making it feel a little more pleasant company. hi struggling again, barely above freezing today. it never got past the grieving -- pass the freezing mark. there was a chill, but no wind chill. lots of sun. it you will probably see a few more clouds blowing through the overnight hours. the other thing that we will see a change over the next couple days here is this warmer air has begun to fight back, so-to-speak, at least for a few days. atlanta to 45. we are pushing 50 in some places. some of that milder air creeps up the east coast the next two days really before we get another shift in the pattern that is going to bring in the rain and much colder air sunday night into monday. start future cast at least over the next 48 hours we will see passing clouds over the night into the day. there still some sunshine in the afternoon. milder up to about 40.
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then as we go into the timeframe on saturday, it looks at our best day in a long time. mid-40s and lots of sun, but there's two different weather makers that will make their move toward maryland as we go into saturday night and especially sunday. sunday looking like a cold and wet day around here. monday morning could be a little icy in the wake of that rain which could mix with snow late sunday night. tonight is partly cloudy. no wind at least. 21 degrees. tomorrow is 40. not quite as cold. this is going to be a pretty decent rebound after three or four guys -- four days in the lowest to mid-30s. pretty good-looking friday night. again, cold but we really don't have much wind. as that south wind picks up into the day saturday, that's going to push us back into the mid-40s. take a good look at this this seven day forecast. they're several different changes in weather coming up. mild into the day saturday, rain on sunday and a cold rain.
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that will probably change to being mixed with snow on sunday. it gives us what she and icy conditions for that monday commute. then blustery cold weather monday into tuesday. it looks like it stays cold through the middle of next week. enjoy friday and saturday. kelly? >> thanks a lot, wyatt. well, grand prix is off to a good start already 6000 people planning to attend. the development says 6000 tickets were sold in three hours. some of them sold as much as $900 each. development was raised more than 1.5 million from doctors. they are still looking for feedback. the race kicks off here in baltimore labor day weekend. >> five, four, three -- >> president obama will flip the switch and light the national christmas tree. it will be a star-studded event with performances from bb king, maroon five, and sarah broyles. but c. will be on display until january 7th. >> here's your chance to make the holidays brighter for a child
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in need. we're asking for new unwrapped and on open choice for the 12th annual toy drive. this year we teamed up with the baltimore orchestra. if you have something lying around, wanted to bring them in for the program. if you want to donate, we have a list of all the drop-off locations at our website at just click on the link under the marketplace cap. what is the best age to start getting a mammogram? how many experts can't agree on an age? women are getting them as often as previously thought. those findings coming up. and a woman is battered and bruised. she claims it was at the hands of police. what she says happened over dog poop. >> storm gear and promotional consideration provided by l.l. bean.
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>> in tonight's health alert, new study shows that women aren't going for mammogram screenings as often as previously thought. we have some interesting new findings. >> doctors, medical associations, and the government differ on whether women in their 40s should begin having mammograms and how frequently. the overwhelming majority of medical experts agree that women over 50 should have them. a review of insurance claims shows that only half of women over 40 are having an annual breast exam. the study examined the records of women who have -- researchers found the results publishing -- troubling. in a controversial report last year, u.s. preventive services task force said that women in their 40s with an
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average risk for breast cancer did not need a mammogram while women in their 50s only needed one every two years. surveys of women 50 to 64 years old let the government to estimate that 75% of women that age have received a mammogram in the past two years. the radio of insurance claims from 2006 through 2009 show the actual figure is only 65%. some experts say women can have trouble keeping track of their last mammogram, but because they know they should go, they provide misleading information. this medical minute. i m. meghan oliver. >> closer to home, the new building doesn't open until later this month, but we got a sneak peek today. the new mary caplan center opens december 19th. it features 259 private patient rooms including 32 for critical care. it will initially house the main surgical operations in the
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intensive care unit and have 190 beds. for now, maternity, transitional care, and detox will remain in the old building. >> more and more americans are staying at home to do their christmas shopping. apparently, online shopping is really clicking with shoppers. that's coming your way on the tonight at 5:30.
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>> now, abc to news at 5:30. >> and this leads to many acts of kindness. good evening, i am kelly swoope. a food bank that helps thousands of families in the county. the man who runs it says he will never be able to recover. don harrison shows us tonight, people living in that county are proving him wrong. >> christmas is usually


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